Frequently Asked Questions

Does this all sounds exciting to you but you still have questions about us or the courses
of Boxing Sisters? You might find an answer here. If your question is still left open,
feel free to send us an email to kundenservice@boxingsisters.com.


You don’t need any previous experience, qualifications or knowledge to join the beginners course. Our beginner’s course is especially designed for female starters. To take part in the advanced course you need to have completed our Boxing Sister beginner’s course or at least 6 months of boxing experience.

All women aged 18 and upwards.

Due to corona measures we friendly ask you to bring your own boxing gloves. Further, there are no requirements of special boxing sports clothes – so choose something that you like to wear during sports.

This depends on the location (country & city). Please check our location overview or contact our info address if you are not sure.

In case of rain, we usually continue the training outside. Please keep this in mind when choosing your sportswear for the training. However, in the event of a lightning or storm, training will be postponed and our members will of course be notified of this in advance.

If you feel sick, we ask you to stay at home and get tested for Covid-19 as well. Please do not come to the training if you are feeling sick.

We recommend you arrive about 5-10 minutes before every course so you have enough time to put get ready. 

Please consult your doctor and follow his or her instructions on whether you can exercise despite injuries and at what intensity.

The techniques focus on the basics, the stamina/fitness part is as intensive as you make it yourself. You can follow the course at your own pace.

You don’t have to worry about that in the beginners’ course. We will not do real sparring and head and body will not be hit.

This rarely happens, but you can then tell the trainer what has happened and he will either help you or refer you to a medical expert. There is always a trainer present who has a first aid certificate.

It depends on the experience you have. If the experience is only of a simple nature or dates back a long time, the beginners’ course might still be useful for you. Generally, for the advanced course you should have at least completed the beginner course or have 6 months of previous boxing training experience. It would be best to discuss this with the trainer during your first lesson. Our trainers will make sure that you can train at an appropriate level.

Yes, after the beginners and advanced course there is a possibility for a membership with a fixed fee per month and unlimited lessons. Generally both courses have to be completed beforehand to ensure a minimum amount of experience for all members.

This is possible and we are happy that your friend is also interested in our boxing courses. Please ask your friend to register with us online as well or discuss this with our contact persons in advance so that we can also register your friend for a fee (if there are still open spots).

We have created an 8 week boxingcourse with a start and end. It’s like enrolling into a language course. You can’t step in the middle and try a test training, you’ll miss vital information. It’s also not nice for the trainers, the participants and you yourself. That’s the reason why we don’t do a test training. Nevertheless, it’s is allowed to come watch to get an impression of the fun classes and the good vibes, just get in touch with us!


You will be put on the list for the courses and a week up front, you can enroll yourself for the classes in the online schedule.

Please contact your local contact/information person by mail or by phone.

To enrol for your classes each week in advance and make your payment, you need to create an account with VirtuaGym. VirtuaGym brings you many advantages to keep track of and manage your payments and choose your classes weekly in advance. So, all administrative issues can be completed at one platform.

You can always enroll exactly one week in advance, i.e. Monday 8pm for the course on the next Monday 8pm.

No, the data will not be processed for unnecessary purposes and will be protected according to the GDPR.

Your account at VirtuaGym remains, so if you choose to continue boxing in the future, the same account can be used again.

This is possible. VirtuaGym is widely used by other fitness organizations as well. Please contact us and we will help you to connect your account to our organization.

No, you don’t need to cancel it. It automatically ends.

This will not happen automatically to avoid miscommunication so this course should be purchased online again.

Yes, with a notice period of a month after the fixed period (1, 6 or 12 months).

You do not need to formally cancel a lesson, but you do need to cancel in advance at VirtuaGym. However, normally credit will be lost if you do not cancel your attendance 6 hours in advance. Should a case of force majeure arise, please contact us and we will look into the situation individually. You can make up missed training time up to 1 month after the end of the course.


In Germany we accept SEPA direct debit, Paypal and credit card payments. Please contact us if you cannot pay your payment in one go. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to can join our course and can offer you a two-payment instalment plan on an individual basis.

For administrative reasons, cash payment is not possible.

If you have not yet started the course, you should contact us in writing or by telephone as soon as possible. We can check whether you are still within the cancellation period and whether a refund can follow.

If you have already participated, we do not offer refunds since the spot cannot be given away to someone else now. It is advised to discuss with the trainer/information contact why you would like to cancel and a suitable solution will be offered. It is e.g. possible to convert the lessons to a few Personal-Training classes or to keep the credits to use them in a later period.


We are sorry to hear that continuing the course is not an option at this time. Check below to see if your situation is included:

It is always possible to save the remaining classes and re-enter during a future course as soon as it is convenient for you to train again. All credits are valid for 9 weeks. Contact us if you need more time.

This is unfortunate to hear and fortunately it does not happen often. We want to see every student leave our trainings feeling satisfied. In the few times this does not happen, there has been some form of miscommunication.

Therefore, we request that you explain the reason for your dissatisfaction to the trainer in the upcoming class. In many cases he/she can take this into account and an appropriate solution will then be offered. For example, it is possible to convert the classes into a few Personal Training classes that can be arranged according to your wishes.

If you have not yet started the course, please contact us by email at kundenservice@boxingsisters.com as soon as possible. We can find out if you are still within the cancellation period and if a refund can follow.

If you have already participated, we do not offer refunds, as the spot cannot now be given away to someone else. For example, it is possible to convert the lessons into a few Personal Training lessons or to save the credits to use them in a later period.

If you have not yet started the course, please contact us by email at kundenservice@boxingsisters.com as soon as possible. We can find out if you are still within the cancellation period and if a refund can follow.

Our courses have limited spots and the spot often cannot be given away to someone else and we may have had to exclude other ladies from participating. Also, we have co-hired/scheduled trainers and locations based on your enrollment.

Yes, i would like to recieve more information