- A Powerful Fight -
The Rise of Boxing Sisters

- A Powerful Fight -
The Rise of Boxing Sisters

In a world where men and women strive for equality, two men felt a deep dissatisfaction with the male world they had known all their life – the world of boxing. As highly experienced boxers with various titles and fights around the world, they saw how women were often ignored and underestimated in this sport. They found this ridiculous. Determined to bring about change, they decided to start a revolution and founded Girl Power boxing.

Both started offering boxing classes specifically for women. They wanted to give women the opportunity to train in an environment where they felt safe, free from prejudice and stereotypes. They also wanted to show that men and women deserve equal opportunities and possibilities in the boxing world.


At the beginning, the founders were looked at strangely by the traditional boxing world. They faced skepticism and criticism, but that did not stop them from persevering. They believed in their mission and knew they could bring about positive change.

It wasn’t long before Girl Power Boxing’s reputation spread. Women of all ages and backgrounds were drawn to the boxing classes taught by these experienced boxers. The fun and passion David and Mark put into their classes made a world of difference. They created a safe environment where women could be themselves, grow, and above all, have fun.

The success of Girl Power Boxing was unprecedented. What started as a modest initiative grew into a movement that had taken hold in more than 40 cities. But Girl Power Boxing was not a franchise. The founders wanted to stay personally involved in every aspect of the lessons, so they could ensure the values of equality, safety, and fun were preserved.

Within Girl Power Boxing, a community of strong women who inspired and supported each other emerged. They found a safe space where they could boost their self-confidence, improve their skills, and follow their own path. It became a place where they felt heard and appreciated, regardless of their background or level of experience.

The success of Girl Power Boxing led to the creation of Boxing Sisters, a team of female trainers and coaches who shared the same values and standards as the founders. Boxing Sisters became an extension of the Girl Power boxing family, where women could join and share their passion for boxing.

The combination of Girl Power Boxing and Boxing Sisters strengthened the message of equality and empowerment. Together, they worked on changing the boxing world and providing new opportunities for women who wanted to discover their talents and push their boundaries.

The story of Girl Power Boxing and Boxing Sisters became a source of inspiration for many, a reminder that gender should not be a limitation in pursuing our dreams. It became a beacon of hope and change, where everyone felt welcome and where female boxers received the recognition they deserved. The founders and the entire team within Girl Power Boxing and Boxing Sisters continued to fight for equality and empowerment, in and out of the boxing ring.

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