8-week boxing course for women

  • Fitter & stronger in 8 weeks
  • Box training for beginners
  • Burn up to 1000 calories per lesson
  • Effective full-body workout
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Get fit, strong and learn boxing

You will learn all the boxing techniques step by step in a safe and fun way. The training sessions are designed to quickly get you super fit and strong. With professional guidance from competent and enthusiastic boxing instructors, you always achieve the maximum result from each training session. You can train once or twice a week, each training session lasts 60 minutes.

Ladies only

8-week beginner course for women only. Anyone can join, even if you are untrained and have no (boxing) experience. Thanks to the good, cheerful, and motivating atmosphere during the classes, you always get the most out of the hour. You will be training with other beginners, so you don’t need to put yourself under pressure.

Flexible and fun

You get 16 beginner lessons with no long-term contract. Missed classes can be made up at a later time. Our course schedule is designed for maximum flexibility, tailored to your busy lifestyle. We offer classes seven days a week, with options for morning and evening sessions that fit your routine.

7 days a week, 60 minutes per training session, mornings and every evening between between 17:00 and 22:00!

More info
60 minute lessons
Ladies only
Learn how to box
Get strong and fit
Reduce stress
Burn up to 1000 cal. each lesson

Starting in February?

To ensure we can always provide optimal care, we have a limited number of spots. The courses are almost always full, so reserve your spot quickly before the course is booked up.

Upcoming Starting Dates

Start between 19 Feb and 25 Feb: full
Start between 26 Feb and 3 Mar: 6 spots
Start between 4 Mar and 10 Mar: 8 spots

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