Your journey as a boxer starts with our 8-week beginners course. Here you will learn the basics of boxing step by step. Our program covers a range of offensive and defensive techniques, as well as strength and conditioning exercises.

No prior martial arts experience is necessary; our classes are open to all, regardless of your training background. Our beginners course is tailored specifically for women who are new to the sport. You will receive well-rounded training that focuses on enhancing your strength, core stability and overall fitness. The primary emphasis is on strengthening both your body and mind.

You can participate in our beginners course with either a one-time payment with no commitment after 8 weeks.

After the 8-week beginners course, you will have a solid foundation in boxing. At this point, you have the option to continue with us by joining our advanced classes.



After completing the Boxing Sisters beginner course, you can continue your journey with our advanced classes.

In these classes, you improve your boxing skills further and you will achieve even greater strength and overall fitness.New class themes will rotate every two weeks, offering you a varied experience. You will learn specific boxing techniques like ‘blocking’ and ‘body punches’.

Additionally, the classes will cover broader themes like ‘footwork’ and ‘explosive punches’. Beyond boxing, the training will target increased power, enhanced speed and heightened stamina, contributing to a fit body and mind.

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