Boxing Sisters courses

With Boxing Sisters’ 8-week beginner’s course, you start in the Beginners League. You can join without any prior physical training. Do you have little or no boxing experience? Then this is where you start.

If you want to continue after the 8-week beginners course, you move on to the Advanced League. Every 8 weeks the course program is changed.  Sting like a bee, Float like a butterfly and Brave without fear are alternated every 8 weeks.

Complete all courses in the Advanced League to box in the Champions League. 

Start of a champion - beginners course

Learn how to box

Your journey as a boxer begins with our Beginners League. Here you will learn the basics of boxing within 8 weeks. Various boxing and defense techniques are on the program, as well as strength and conditioning training.

You do not need any martial arts experience and you can join our classes untrained. Our Beginners League is specifically geared towards female starters. 

You get an all-round training focused on strength, core and condition training to follow at your level. The focus is mainly on strengthening your body and mind. 

Sting like a bee - follow-up course

The offensive boxer

Attack quickly, efficiently and with lots of power to surprise your partner! This 8-week boxing course from Boxing Sisters will teach you everything you need to know about attacking. You learn to box at half distance. 

So you stay close to your partner. With the new boxing techniques and more challenges in the circuit exercises, you can punch with more power. 

Become stronger and box close to your partner with ‘Sting like a bee’.

Float like a butterfly - follow-up course

The defensive boxer

Surprising and evasive moves to catch your partner off guard! This 8-week boxing course from Boxing Sisters will teach you everything you need to know about defending yourself.

You will learn boxing at the outside distance, here you can’t get hit. With the new movement techniques and tough workouts you will become the fittest version of yourself.

Become faster and move around your opponent with ‘Float Like A Butterfly’.

Brave without fear - follow-up course

The interactive boxer

Quickly, sharply and deftly interact with your partner to win the fight! This 8-week boxing course from Boxing Sisters will teach you all about interaction.

You will learn boxing at the full distance. Here you can hit your partner when you extend your arm all the way.

With the new interactive techniques, explosive strength and conditioning exercises you can handle anything!

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